Photo by Dio Jade courtesy ICON Creator Magazine Hair and Make-up by Katie Ballantyne

Photo by Dio Jade courtesy ICON Creator Magazine
Hair and Make-up by Katie Ballantyne

Brigit O’Regan is a violinist/fiddler with 22 years of practice and 12 years of professional, freelance performance under her belt. After being strictly classical for many years, she rebelled at a young age and now is most known for her Top 40 Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Fiddle and Bollywood. She is also known as “Violin Girl” by over 3.4 Million people due to the success of her FanExpo and ComicCon videos; filmed, edited and produced by professional videographer, Merissa Tse.

Over the past few years, she has discovered and built upon her unique gift of instant improvisation, stemming from a “cross-wiring” of the brain called synesthesia. She is now one of the newest members of the Canadian Synesthesia Association, located here in Toronto. She is well sought after for this gift, being able to play along to almost anything by ear instantly or with very little practice. This has proved extremely useful for collaborating with all different styles of artists, studio sessions and last minute gigs.

Solo and with groups, she has performed around the world (Austria, Hungary, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Canada), playing to crowds of up to 17,000 in world class venues, or more private shows of a few dozen in pubs, theatres and mid-sized musical venues.

Within just four months of moving to Toronto in late August 2015, she found herself sharing the stage with world-class performers and Juno award winners, and has done shows with high end, award winning entertainment companies all across the GTA.

Recent Notable Performances

Canada Day at Mississauga Square - July 2019

Anime North - May 2019

MegaCon Orlando 2019 - May 2019

Let’s Rock Autism: Fundraiser - April 2019

Porsche: Private Event - April 2019

Rebel Nightclub: Private Event - April 2019

Persian New Years Gala - March 2019

Toronto Comic Con - March 2019

The Sean Ward Show: Villainz ComicCon Afterparty - March 2019

Celtic Roots: St. Patricks Day show - March 2019

Canada’s Bridal Show - January 2019

Long and McQuade - Stompbox Science Fair - November 2018

Longines FEI World Cup- Pre-show gala- November 2018

The Royal Agricultural Fair – November 2018

EGLX 2018- Main Floor- October 27th 2018

CineMusiq 'Euphoria': Canadian Cancer Society Fundraiser feat. S.P. Balasubrahmanyam- September 2018

TIFF- Women in Film/Piers Handling Tribute Gala- September 2018

FanExpo Canada - September 2018

Nerd Noise Night- September 2018

SOCAN Awards – June 2018

Walking on Water: Fashion Show – June 2018